Howie Carr: Early Christmas for the entire hackerama

When I told you last week that there was going to be a lame-duck hack feeding frenzy for the ages this fall, I was talking about the State House.

But now Boston City Hall has decided to get in on the highway robbery. On Wednesday, the hacks jacked up their already bloated salaries by more than 20% – from $103,500 to $125,000 for the city councilors, and from $207,000 to $250,000 for the mayor.

You know, it’s one thing to feed at the trough, but what this is is licking the plate. There’s another old saying: pigs get fed, hogs get slaughtered.

And at the very same moment when the City Council was disgracefully grabbing yet more ill-gotten gains, at the State House failed lame-duck Gov. Charlie Baker was nominating a different crew of payroll patriots for lifetime jobs in the hackerama.

One of those nationwide searches ended with a new sinecure for a career coat-holder from the old Bulger crew. This latest hack hire’s late father in 1995 took a phone call at his home in Quincy from fugitive serial killing cocaine dealer Whitey Bulger and then handed the phone to his younger brother, Billy Bulger, the Corrupt Midget.

Billy, an officer of the court, never bothered to tell the cops that his mass murdering brother had called him … at the home of one of his State House employees.

And now, all these years later, Eddie Phillips’ boy Christopher gets a lifetime no-heavy-lifting job for $174,532 a year.

Christopher Phillips is a second-generation State House payroll patriot. Charlie Baker — known to Dementia Joe Biden as “Charlie Parker” – just nominated Eddie’s boy to be the new clerk magistrate at the Brighton District Court.

The prior clerk magistrate bailed out to Brockton. Maybe he didn’t care to work with the presiding justice in Brighton, David Donnelly, another career hack who used to kiss Billy Bulger’s rear end all day long at the State House when he was a state rep from West Roxbury and Billy was the Senate president.

Chris’ dad, Eddie, had a very important qualification in his job as one of Bulger’s state Senate hacks — he was only guy in the building shorter than Billy Bulger.

Christopher followed his pint-sized dad onto the Senate payroll back in 1991, then fled to UMass with the Corrupt Midget in 1996. When Bulger was run out of UMass in 2003 — in part because of that phone call from Whitey at Daddy Phillips’ house — Phillips needed a new job too.

Being allergic to real work, Phillips retreated to the state Senate payroll until a new hack job could be arranged for him in the Trial Court. And now he’s making the westward trek to what is becoming the last redoubt of the Bulger Mob — the Brighton district courthouse.

Another nomination Wednesday by Charlie Parker — Kirsten Hughes as clerk magistrate of the South Boston District Court. She’s another career hack, most recently the clerk magistrate of the Stoughton District Court. But she’s mostly known as a RINO GOP operative for Charlie Parker at the MassGOP state committee before Jim “Jones” Lyons took it over and made it into a Kool-Aid swilling Jonestown-like death cult.

Kirsten’s from Quincy, so leaving Stoughton means that she’s cutting a few minutes off her commute on those days when she’s not … telecommuting.

Yesterday I told a hack I know about Hughes grabbing a second big hack job, moving from Stoughton to Southie.

“Wow!” he said. “So who’s getting that sweet job in Stoughton now?”

The reason there was a vacancy in South Boston is that the prior clerk, Peggy Flaherty Albertson, was just confirmed as a judge, raising her pay from $174,532 a year to $207,855.

Last week was an early Christmas for the entire hackerama. Also confirmed by the Governor’s Council was one Elizabeth Cerda, a newcomer to our land. Her new job as clerk magistrate in Waltham pays that same $174,532 a year. And that’s even more than her husband makes.

His name is Peter Koutoujian, and he’s the elected Democrat high sheriff of Middlesex County, which pays $171,899 a year.

Another nationwide search!

The reason I mention Judge Peggy again is because it brings us back to the other part of the hackerama that got a big pay day this week — Boston City Hall.

You see, Peggy’s brother is Boston City Councilor Michael “Baby Flats” Flaherty. And a week after his sister Peggy got her $33,000-a-year pay raise, he voted to give himself a $21,500-a-year pay hike.

It was a 13-0 vote. Amazing, considering that those 13 statesmen were at each other’s throats just a month ago.

Who can forget the words of Tania Fernandes Anderson as she shrieked:

“What the (bleep) does a black woman have to do on this (bleeping) Council to get some respect as a black woman?”

Remember, this is the woman — excuse me, a birthing person — who brags that she was once an illegal alien, and is the first African woman and first Muslim ever elected to the City Council.

You can understand her anger that day, and why she so deserves her $21,500 raise. It seems that the day the near fistfight broke out — and City Council President Eddie Flynn ordered the “galleys” (surely he meant to say galleries) cleared — she had had to get rid of two of her office staffers.

Namely, her sister and her son — more nationwide searches. Unfortunately for the first illegal Muslim African, etc., in this racist nation we have certain white patriarchal Eurocentric laws banning … nepotism.

And so the first blah-blah-blah had to fire her $65,000-a-year sister and her $55,000-a-year son from their hack sinecures.

So that $21,500, as good as it sounds, still doesn’t make up for the money the domestic terrorists have taken from this proud undocumented Democrat immigrant’s family.

The feeding frenzy continues, but Councilor Anderson wants to know, what about new hack jobs for her sister and her son?

Actually, I heard there’s an opening down in Stoughton at the courthouse. Unless my honky hack friend got there first, that is.

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